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Nell Scholer

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Living at the base of the Rockies is beautiful, magical and inspirational. Colorado Candles are created as an expression of those qualities and to share that mountain spirit in the simple luxury of an elegant candle.

My love of nature was formed growing up in the playground of the majestic Colorado Rockies and I joyfully create these candles in honor of this rugged, natural beauty

Nell Schoeler, Founder/Owner  Colorado Candles

Gia Noll

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I Enjoy creating my ideas and coexisting with poetry to produce surprising experiences! I lear by doing eclectic exploration sand see them as a great source of meditation. Born in Peru, Gia is a local artist in Evergreen.

Medium: acrylic, oil, ink, mixed media, photography. Gia's latest works have appeared in Cyclamens & Swords, (un)Stetted: A community of art exhibition, Denver Art Museum: Denver's Very Own Los Fridistas, Evergreen Center for the Arts, Evergreen Open Door Studios, Windsor Museum: Black and White Exhibition, Verum Ultimum Art Gallery: Abrazo Exhibition.

Jeanne Trueax

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Colorado artist Jeanne Trueax has had a lifelong involvement with art, beginning with sketches made in childhood. When asked for details about those childhood experiences, Jeanne responded with a recollection of being reprimanded by an elementary school math teacher for having embellished arithmetic problems using decorative borders.

Her art education encompassed classes in high school followed by studies at Colorado Women’s College. After college, Jeanne had the experience of working scrimshaw for a jewelry company. Night classes at Metropolitan State University allowed her to emerge as a graphic artist who would perform commercial work for an advertising agency and other firms. Working freelance, Jeanne gradually evolved into the fine artist she is today.

Just as each piece of art is different, her inspiration and creative experience varies. She described the recent encountering of an old tree at Hovenweep, and the excitement that comes with rendering that impression. During the Covid pandemic, Jeanne deployed a very black pencil to create dark images brought to mind by classic horror movies.

Art’s greatest reward is an intimate connection between inspiration and production, and this is what compels Jeanne to begin a work, and what propels her to continue the creative practice. Jeanne’s artistic talents are represented in an accomplished and precise style, and she plans to joyfully fulfill her discovered inspirations for the rest of her life.

Steve Brehm

February 26, 2024

Monica Hokeilen


Monica Hokeilen (pronounced HOE-ki’len) followed a science path for college and career, and is now an artist living and working in Aurora, Colorado. She has lived a varied life, wearing many hats along the way, and tells her story through her art by painting the landscapes, wildlife, and everyday moments that she has experienced. Sometimes the subject of her art is a literal interpretation of scenes where she grew up in rural Missouri, other places she has lived over the decades, and experiences while traveling. Other times they are an extension of her life-long love of space science and earth science, or an expression of her identity as an American. She is interested in creating art that feels like a piece of a conversation - at once relatable and wholly unique.

 Monica paints primarily in oil on stretched canvas. She is self-taught, though she loves studying with various artists across the country as the opportunity arises. She also teaches locally with Denver Art Days. You can learn more about her and her art on her website, Or join her on social media (@HokeilenArt on Instagram and Facebook). She would also love to hear from you via email,